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Woodsy Pride EP

Woodsy Pride


12″ Vinyl EP: $12

Catalog #: AHE-12
Release date: 2010

Woodsy Pride is one of those bands that speak telepathically, every turn and phrase is dictated by live feel. Steeped in the Southern Gothic tradition, the trio of Uriah Theriault, Bill Augustus and John Studer compose songs that are cut from the same cloth as western archetypes such as Neil Young, John Fogerty and Will Oldham; songwriters who are known for testing the boundaries of traditional song forms in order to reveal hymns of their own design. Their self-titled EP displays an angular autumnal sound that weaves intricate tales of love and woe over elegantly composed guitar phrases. It's a beautifully arranged record full of earthen tones and dark hues that reflect the long shadows cast on American music.

-12″ vinyl EP comes with download card.


“On this strong EP Brooklyn’s Woodsy Pride delivers a haunting and deeply American music. You can draw connections to Crazy Horse or certain periods of Dylan’s work or more recent purveyors of dusty rock like Jason Molina, but these don’t sound like songs made by students of music. When singer Bill Augustus howls out, “You and I were made for more than this,” and guitars swirl around him on the excellent “Apple Tree Ape Vine”, it’s clear that Woodsy Pride’s players make a sound that rises out of themselves. They align with a tradition only because the tradition was already, somehow, within them. So even if you feel like you’ve heard this kind of rolling, expansive rock music before, it’s hard not to get swept up in the shuffling layers of “As Always a Good Thing” or the moody space of “Autumn Rise”. In just five songs, Woodsy Pride leaves an impressive mark, giving us a set of songs that both takes its time and pulls us in immediately. This isn’t a grower so much as it will grow around you, taking on a striking sonic size. There are plenty of bands out there that draw their inspiration from the same set of rock legends these guys do, but know this—few of them sound as good, and as convincing in their own skins, as Woodsy Pride does here.” -Matthew Fiander (POP MATTERS)

“NYC Bands you should check out: Woodsy Pride. Brooklyn based trio that plays some kind of haunted Western music with the songwriting skill of Neil Young and the maudit intensity of Nick Cave.” -DELI MAGAZINE

“Wanting a grittier, more soulful sound from the hippest borough in New York City? Well, your search is over. This Brooklyn-based trio plays the kind of blues-influenced Western rock that one would expect from a band called Woodsy Pride. Comprised of Bill Augustus, John Studer and Uriah Theriault, Woodsy Pride is the sort of band you should to listen to while drinking whisky, and lots of it. Leaning heavily on Southern rock and sharing a resemblance at times to Nick Cave, these are songs destined to play in the background at dive bars, two-bit saloons, and fist fights.”

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