Image of Noise of Welcome LP

Noise of Welcome LP

Zachary Cale


Vinyl LP: $14

Catalog #: AHE-13
Release date: 2011

1. Dead Channel Overture
2. Blake's Way
3. Day for Night
4. Hello Oblivion
5. Shanghaied
6. Nocturne in G Minor
7. Dancing Devil Rag
8. We Had Our Day in the Sun
9. Mourning Glory Kid
10. Easy Route
11. All to Order
12. War Love

Noise of Welcome, the third full length album by Zachary Cale, is a collection of songs that is distinctly modern in tone and substance. Moving from acoustic ballads and oddly tuned instrumentals, to electrified country and Kinksian pop, the album projects a kind of psych/folk/rock hybrid, recalling the genre shifts of Fleetwood Mac's Tusk or Big Star's Sister Lovers. Featuring performances by members of Cale's former ensemble, Illuminations, and guest spots by Chris Brokaw, D. Charles Speer, Anni Rossi, and others, Cale's signature finger-picking technique is reinforced with grander orchestral movements and a full backing band which helps to illuminate the brilliance of his craft.

LP comes with dedicated sleeve with complete lyrics and a download card.


“Zachary Cale is the best singer-songwriter working right now. Period.” -Matthew Fiander (POP MATTERS)

“New York transplant, Zachary Cale’s folk sound is as beautifully raw as they come.” -Bea Broderick (CBS NY)

“There’s no denying the liberation in making a record that sounds this full, and so full of purpose and promise.” -Doug Mosurock (DUSTED MAGAZINE)

“Cale has perfected a kind of avant-folk craziness that never sounds precious” -Ed Hurt (THE NASHVILLE SCENE)

“With fleet fingerpicking, languid ballads and country-tinged dust ups, Zachary Cale works along the folk rock divide recalling beloved troubadours like Michael Chapman, Bob Dylan and John and Beverly Martyn.” -Scott McDowell (WFMU)

“…memorable as a favorite scene from a favorite movie and eternal as the sun.” -Grant Purdum (TINY MIX TAPES)

“…ambitious, the way great music has to be.” -Matthew Haddrill (THE LINE OF BEST FIT)

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