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Duskland LP/CD

Zachary Cale


Vinyl LP: $15
CD: $8

DISTRO ITEM: DUSKLAND is the fifth full length album by Zachary Cale.
Released by NO QUARTER records in 2015.

Catalog #NOQ046
Release date: August 7, 2015

1. Sundowner 03:49
2. Blue Moth 05:19
3. I Left The Old Cell 04:07
4. Evensong 04:54
5. Basilica 02:11
6. Dark Wings 03:54
7. I Forged The Bullet 03:29
8. Changing Horses 04:25
9. Low Light Serenade 07:21

LP comes with dedicated sleeve with complete lyrics and a download card.

DUSKLAND is a work of exquisite craftsmanship full of elegant lyricism and mysterious imagery; a collection of songs that look directly into the face of darkness yet drive beyond it, forging new paths.


"He sits just far enough away from you. He's close enough to draw your attention, but far enough away to make you lean forward and follow him." -PITCHFORK

"We’ve certainly dug Cale’s stuff in the past, but Duskland might just be his best effort yet." -AQUARIUM DRUNKARD

"A perpetually undersung songwriter, Brooklyn-based singer Zachary Cale spins reliable, gentle allegories with varied but minimal instrumentation that’s varied little over the course of his young but four-disc career (2013’s elegiac-like Blue Riderwas arguably his breakout)." -SPIN

"He's got a way of magnifying even his most minute movements into statements of humble grandeur, and on Duskland we hear nothing but moments of heart-swelling beauty, the sound of a man who's been holding the world in his pocket and is beaming too hard to hide it anymore." -OTHER MUSIC

"Even before you hear his guitar’s golden drone, Zachary Cale’s mesmerizing Louisiana drawl will suck you in. . . Duskland is Cale’s twilight, an album of fleeting, thorny significance." -STEREOGUM

"These songs can fill up space or carve it out, but either way Duskland marks another evolution in Cale’s sound, another shift in textures and sonic landscape that reflects the unique themes and beauties of this record. These songs are bittersweet, haunting yet hopeful, and endlessly listenable. Duskland is Cale’s golden hour." -POP MATTERS

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