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Duskland LP/CD

Zachary Cale


Vinyl LP: $15
CD: $8

DISTRO ITEM: DUSKLAND is the fifth full length album by Zachary Cale.
Released by NO QUARTER records in 2015.

Catalog #NOQ046
Release date: August 7, 2015

1. Sundowner 03:49
2. Blue Moth 05:19
3. I Left The Old Cell 04:07
4. Evensong 04:54
5. Basilica 02:11
6. Dark Wings 03:54
7. I Forged The Bullet 03:29
8. Changing Horses 04:25
9. Low Light Serenade 07:21

LP comes with dedicated sleeve with complete lyrics and a download card.

DUSKLAND is a work of exquisite craftsmanship full of elegant lyricism and mysterious imagery; a collection of songs that look directly into the face of darkness yet drive beyond it, forging new paths.


" 'Sundowner' has a softly complicated arrangement—organs chime at different levels in the mix, playing different chord voicings, and somewhere in that rosy glow, a steady piano pulses. Cale's solo acoustic playing usually covers all corners of an arrangement, from backbeat and melody to counterpoint. But he has a full band on Duskland, one that confidently evokes dream pop and country rock, and he luxuriates in their sound." -PITCHFORK

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