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Outlander LP/CD


Vinyl LP: $12
CD: $6

DISTRO ITEM: OUTLANDER released by New World of Sound in 2015.
Catalog #NWOS-28
Release date: June 5, 2005

1. Ophelia 02:34
2. A Marked Man 02:29
3. Hymn to Beauty 02:44
4. Pinata 02:37
5. Train of Thought / Winter Picking 05:39
6. Truck Song 02:24
7. Ailment 04:55
8. Chasing the Blue 02:02
9. Don't Curse Me When I'm Gone 03:46
10. On the Couch 01:10

OUTLANDER SESSIONS is the debut album by Zachary Cale. It was recorded on 4 track cassette in the winter/spring months of 2003 in Harlem, NYC. With Zachary Cale on vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and Ryan Johnson on drums and percussion.


“Cale (no relation to John or J.J. from what I gather) comes across on the straightahead folk-stone tip, languishing in the lazy glow of coal heat against cold skin. He’s a good guitarist, a fine songwriter somewhere between a Doug Martsch type and a heartbroken Tim Hardin” -STILL SINGLE/DUSTED MAGAZINE

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