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Includes double-sided 9X9 poster designed by artist Tim Lokiec

Catalog #: AHE-02
Release date: 2008

1. Stranger
2. Demo
3. Mirror Woods
4. Hangman
5. Anonymous Men
6. Green Street
7. Bloodsuckers
8. House Music
9. 400
10. Western Blocks
11. The Drowning Boy
12. Hunters
13. Mother Lode
14. Stuffed Dummy
15. Vertigo
16. Night Watch (Stranger Part 2)
17. Patrol
18. Video
19. Enemies
20. Twilight Sleep

Precinct’s Stranger is a patchwork of sound that deconstructs the rock archetype with a music that could only be described as “avant garage”. It's an art-damaged record that blends noise, pop, punk and dance music with thrilling results. Somewhere between the hard funk of A Certain Ratio and the aural experiments of Swell Maps Precinct is an adventurous band that executes a number of styles in an expressionist manner. Recorded by the primary duo of Aleister Kicker and Hugh Swift in their rehearsal space Stranger possesses a lively atmosphere full of basement jams, punk anthems, noise themes and killer singles.


“Precinct also pit echo against more echo, resulting in a loose, cavernous sound that will bounce between the synapses in yr brain until it finds purchase. “Anonymous Men” and “400″ are just the start of the fun; you have to hear all 20 tracks off their latest album, Stranger, to truly understand.”
-Grant Purdum (The Gumshoe Grove – TINY MIX TAPES)

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