Image of Live At The All Hands House LP

Live At The All Hands House LP

Woodsy Pride


Vinyl LP: $13
Comes with a four page lyric book and download card

Catalog #: AHE-19
Released: 2012

1. All For My Love
2. Reason On My Mind
3. Crow
4. Keep Your Head Down, Your Chin Up, and Watch Your Toes
5. Time Heals
6. Earth Quakes
7. Beast
8. Mother of God

"Woodsy Pride's Live at the All Hands House" is a limited edition LP recorded in front of a live audience at our headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Woodsy Pride continue to uphold a minimalist yet unique approach to song-craft. A trio of magnitude, Uriah Theriault weaves open-tuned guitar passages with John Studer's circular and feather light drum style, while in the center stands Bill Augustus like a master of a ceremony who leads the band with his elegant phrasing and rich vibrato through poetic songs of hope and hardship. From the opening lines of the world weary "All for My Love", to the closing hymn "Mother of God" Woodsy Pride delivers an accomplished set, narrating stories of their own time.


“It’s a gutsy move to make your first full-length record a live album, but that’s exactly what Woodsy Pride did, and they did it flawlessly. One of many great bands on New York label All Hands Electric, Woodsy Pride is a trio that makes lush, deeply resonant music, music that shifts and swirls but never quite loses shape. These songs dip into Americana and classic rock but they don’t borrow, they build. The working-class pressure of “Reason on My Mind” feels fresh, with Bill Augustus’s honeyed groan punctuated by John Studer’s drums and Uriah Theriault’s singular, impossible to define but undeniably arresting guitar work. Woodsy Pride approaches rock and folk tropes with the loose experimentation and intuition of jazz musicians, and the results are unique in their charms. These songs don’t establish borders or shapes but rather form as you hear them, so, for instance, “All for My Love” doesn’t pile on so much as it blooms, revealing its sweet secrets over time. Woodsy Pride is one of the great young bands working right now, period, and the laid-bare beauty of this live record is proof positive of that. Woodsy Pride clearly has nothing to hide, and no wonder with a sound this striking.” -Matthew Fiander (POP MATTERS – The Top 10 Overlooked Albums of 2012)


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